The Little Red Men Rock Long Island

Local band, The Little Red Men continue to gain popularity across Long Island.

The Alternative Rock/Blues band consists of four 16 year-old students from both Smithtown High School East and West. Brandon Gurba, on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Nicholas Granelle plays lead guitar, Jordan Godfrey plays drums, and Andrew Golub plays bass.

The band has been playing together for about 15 months with performances in places from New York City to Montauk. They have already impressed people all across Long Island.

Gurba and Granelle founded the band a little less than two years ago.

“Nick and Brandon had another band,” said Golub. “They wanted to get more serious while the bass player and the drummer didn’t.”

It wasn’t long before Golub joined the band as the bassist. “The three of us played together, and then I was in the band” he said.

Later on, Godfrey joined as the drummer.

So what’s with the name?
“You know that little red man on the dashboard of a car that lights up when you don’t have your seatbelt on?” asked Golub. “The name comes from that.”

Before the group had any kind of name, Gurba, Granelle, and Golub were in the car with two of their parents, Mr. Gurba and Mr. Granelle. Mr. Granelle asked Mr. Gurba why he didn’t have his seatbelt on, and Mr. Gurba replied that the little red man kept him company. Weeks later when the group was trying to come up with a name, Gurba suggested Little Red Men after this story.

“At first, we all hated it,” Golub said “But it ended up sticking.”

Not only is the name of the band original, but so are their songs. All the songs the band performs are songs they themselves have written. “Two of them are “Off Guard,” which Brandon wrote, and “Blueberry Jam,” which Nick wrote,” Golub said. “But making songs performance ready is a group effort. We all make suggestions and see what works.”

Another of their original songs, “Jessie” was released for download on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp and to listen to on Spotify as of September 9th of this year. “We are thrilled to have our first self produced song, “Jessie” on iTunes,” Gurba stated.

“This is only the beginning of what’s to come from us,” Gurba continues. “We are developing rapidly and writing better material as time goes on. We will be releasing our first EP soon and that will be on Itunes as well.” This EP is set to release sometime in January 2016 on multiple music platforms.

So what sets The Little Red Men’s music apart from other local bands? “The best part about their [The Little Red Men’s] music is that you can feel the emotion and heart put into each song they write,” Senior Ryan O’Dea stated. “Each of their songs tell individual stories through amazing lyrics and chord progressions that are sometimes unprecedented in the musical world we live in. They make you think in a way that is unique to them and not many other bands I’ve heard.”

To follow the band and find events you can follow them on Twitter (@TheLittleRedMen),

Facebook (The Little Red Men), YouTube (Little Red Men), Instagram (@LittleRedMen) or their website (


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